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Becky’s Home Burgled

By 20th August 2013Diary, Official News

Yesterday I returned home from holiday and instead of going home to Manchester my fiancée, Harry, and I stayed in London to see his family and some friends.

The two of us live with a friend in Manchester and after midnight we got a phone call from him to say that our home had been broken into.

Luckily he was not in the house when it happened, he called the police when he got back and discovered there had been a burglary. After making sure he was ok, I asked if he could check to see if my medals were there and he couldn’t find them anywhere. I do keep some of my medals in my house, as I’m always asked to show them off at various events I attend.

When I heard that they weren’t there my immediate reaction was an emotional one as I put so much effort into winning them. I also know that you can’t insure Olympic medals, and although you can get them replaced – I’d know they weren’t the originals.

Added to this was the fact that we were a three hour drive from home and desperate to get home to see our house and the state it was now in.

When the police arrived, I was on the phone to them trying to figure out how the break-in had happened and what had been taken. Following a search the medals were found thankfully, but Harry’s car had been taken along with some other electronic goods.

As anyone who has ever been burgled knows, it’s a horrible feeling, but we’re now leaving everything to the police – who have been great in dealing with this upsetting episode.

Also, thank you to everyone who has been in touch to show their concern, just shows that the vast majority of people are decent human-beings – unlike those who broke into my house last night.


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  • Emily says:

    Oh my god!!!
    What the hell. Honestly some people. I can’t believe anyone would do such a thing to you. I am so glad the medals were found.
    I really hope you are able to replace all the other stolen item, and I really feel for you and Harry.
    When I was younger my mums car was broken into and I had my DS stolen. And I only had one thing stolen and you have had your house broken into.
    Hope things get better
    Emily :-) xx

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