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Rebecca's Profile

Club Nova Centurian
Coach Bill Furniss
DOB 17.02.1989
Height 1.79m
Weight 70Kg
Place of birth Mansfield
Lives Nottingham
Occupation Swimmer
Nickname Becky


Great Britain's most successful ever swimmer, Becky Adlington, announced her retirement from international competition in February 2013, and immediately set out her vision for her legacy, which she sees as her greatest challenge in swimming.

During a stellar career, Adlington won multiple Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Games gold medals. She competed in four Olympic finals, winning two Gold and two Bronze medals in Beijing and London respectively.

She remains the current world record holder in the 800m Freestyle, and undoubtedly the greatest swimmer that Great Britain has ever produced, not to mention one of the most successful female athletes in British Olympic history.

Despite her retirement, her passion for swimming remains undiminished, and she has set out a vision that will prove to be her biggest challenge to date.

Becky says; "I'm very proud of what I have achieved so far, but my journey is not finished yet. My vision is that every child in Britain will be able to swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school. Being able to swim is such a wonderful life skill, and I see this as my greatest challenge in swimming."

Becky aims to achieve her vision through her 'Becky Adlington's SwimStars' initiative, which she has been working on for the last two years. This will involve establishing her learn to swim programs in leisure centres, hotel pools and school pools across the country.

Rebecca is also an ambassador for the Encephalitis Society. http://www.encephalitis.info/

Fastest times year on year since 2000

International Events

Olympic Games   2012 800m Freestyle 8:20:32 BRONZE
      400m Freestyle 4:03:01 BRONZE
    2008 800m Freestyle 8:14.10 GOLD
      400m Freestyle 4:03:22 GOLD
World Championships   2011 800m Freestyle 8:17.51 GOLD
      400m Freestyle 4:04.01 SILVER
  LC 2009 800m Freestyle 8:17.90  
      400m Freestyle 4:00.79 BRONZE
       4x200 Freestyle Relay 7:45.51 BRONZE
  SC 2008 800m Freestyle 8:08.25 GOLD 
       4x200 Freestyle Relay 7:36.96 SILVER
  LC 2007  800m Freestyle 8:36.26   
Commonwealth Games   2010 800m Freestyle 8:24.69 GOLD
      400m Freestyle 4:05.68 GOLD
      200m Freestyle 1:58.47 BRONZE
      4x200 Freestyle Relay 7:58.61 BRONZE
European Championships LC 2010 800m Freestyle 8:27.48  
      400m Freestyle 4:04.55 GOLD 
      4x200 Freestyle Relay 7:55.29 BRONZE
  LC  2006  800m Freestyle 8:27.88 SILVER 


Domestic Events

British Championships 2012 800m Freestyle 8:18.54 GOLD
400m Freestyle 4:02.35 GOLD

2011 800m Freestyle 8:20.23 GOLD
    400m Freestyle 4:02.84 GOLD
    200m Freestyle 1:58.90 GOLD
  2010 800m Freestyle 8:21.95 GOLD
    400m Freestyle 4:05.50 GOLD
    200m Freestyle 1:57.87 GOLD
  2009 800m Freestyle 8:18.86 GOLD
    400m Freestyle 4:00.89 SILVER
  2008 800m Freestyle 8:20.29 GOLD
    400m Freestyle 4:04.50 GOLD
    200m Freestyle 1:57.94 GOLD
  2006 800m Freestyle 8:30.40 GOLD
    400m Freestyle 4:10.28 SILVER
    200m Freestyle 2:01.34 BRONZE
  2005 800m Freestyle 8:45.38 BRONZE
Olympic Trials 2004 800m Freestyle 8:40.80 SILVER 
    400m Freestyle 4:22.78  
    200m Freestyle 2:06.30  

Major Events Medal Table

Medals Table 2012

Q & A

The following are some answers Rebecca gave in a recent Q&A.

  1. What is your idea of a perfect day?
    It starts with a lie in, and the sun is definitely shining. But overall, I think it would be not having to look at the clock, not worrying about how much time I have. I'd love not to have to rush around. I'd go for a leisurely walk, have a meal in my garden- a BBQ or picnic! So basically I'd chill out, read a book or catch up with friends.
  2. What's your favourite place you have ever visited?
    The US. I love it, there is so much variety - so much to do. Great weather helps too. And I adore the theme parks!
  3. What do you do to relax?
    I like to relax and switch off in front of something on TV. Maybe Friends or a film. I also like going to the cinema and doing a bit of shopping.
  4. On a general day when you don't train, what do you do…?
    Sleep!! I love being able to have a lie in as they don't happen too often. Otherwise I'll do a bit of shopping, or maybe clean the flat.