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Pool Closures 2013

By 13th February 2013Swim

I’ve been swimming in local pools since I can remember, and there’s no doubt that without the access I had to these pools I would not have achieved what I have.

But it’s not just about the elite level, it’s really important to have as many pools as possible for everyone to use. Swimming is not only fun, but a great way for the whole family to exercise.
Unfortunately, I am currently aware of a lot of pool closures around the UK, and whilst I can’t get involved personally in every fight to keep them, I do pledge my unwavering support to all those battling to keep their local pools open.

Closing pools will have a terrible impact on not only the health of the nation, but also the sporting legacy in this country. So I urge everyone to pull together and make their voices heard in opposing these closures.

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