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  • Lauren says:

    Rebecca first of all i would like to just say your dress is amazing and you are such an inspiration to me i enjoy swimming but i am not a memember of a club xx good luck with your new arrival (i think you should call her lauren its a great name) hope you still carry on your carrier as a positive role model to women and an amazing swimmer

    Thank you for reading this comment it means so much and please reply asap xxxxx

  • Emily Betteridge says:

    That is such a lovely video. Your vows are so personal and really sweet. I would love a wedding like yours one day. Your dress was stunning and you looked as pretty as ever. Xx

  • Jackie Bradley says:

    I would just like to say ! Your day looked truly amazing. My son is getting married next year at the grand old age of 38 (something we never thought we would see) I hope they are as happy as you both, and still stay good friends for the rest of there lives together as I hope for the same for you both. Thank you for sharing your day.

    Jackie Bradley

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