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Team Tommy’s

By 12th October 2015Diary

Yesterday I had so much fun waving off 16,000 runners as they set off for the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. The atmosphere was just brilliant and it was great to see so many different charities being represented. Although I have to say that Derek Redmond was a little bit too enthusiastic with the air horn! Huge congratulations to all of you who took part.


I was keeping a close look out for all the Tommy’s runners at the start line – it’s a charity that’s taken on special significance since I became a mum this year and I’d love to tell you a bit more about what they do.

Tommy’s is a medical research charity that exists to save babies’ lives. They have three research centres working to prevent late miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. Traditionally, pregnancy problems have been underfunded and under researched but Tommy’s have succeeded in making great in-roads over the past several years.

Now they’re turning their attention to reducing early miscarriage (the loss of a baby before 12 weeks of pregnancy) and are set to open Europe’s largest miscarriage research centre next year. It will bring together patients, doctors and scientists to pin down the underlying causes of early miscarriage so that screening tests and treatments can be developed.

Early miscarriage is the most common form of pregnancy loss – I was shocked when I heard that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage – but it is also the least understood. Tommy’s are determined to fill this void so that families can be spared the heartbreak of dashed hopes and a life that could’ve been. You can find out more about the new research centre here: http://www.tommys.org/research/current-research-projects/miscarriage/tommys-will-be-opening-europes-largest-research-centre-dedicated-to-preventing-early-miscarriage

I also have to let you know about the fabulous health information that Tommy’s provide for mums-to-be. Their midwives run a fantastic facebook page Tommy’s Midwives which covers nutrition, exercise, emotional wellbeing and everything else you need to know when you’re expecting. There’s also the occasional Kimye update on there too!

And it only feels right that I end with sharing their video about aquanatal classes:

I’m so pleased to support Tommy’s which is making a difference to so many families out there.

Becky x

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